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geniusinmotion's Journal

27 August
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Part-time writer, part-time student, full-time food service worker (rough job market out there), military veteran, full-time parent, and all around awesome person.

Current obsession is Iron Man, movies, anime, comics, TV show, fanfiction, I'm really not picky.

My other interests are listed above or at least partially. I like a lot of stuff though time is an issue for me, I like to get at least a couple hours of sleep a night.

Um...lets see...I'm currently working on my degree....Computer and Electrical Engineering. Creeping my way slowly but surely through my Bachelors degree. Right now I'm taking 2 classes at a time until I can go to ITT tech probably near New Orleans or Lafayette. Not sure when that will be but awesome things will happen once I can :) I have big plans for that.

I have no social life to speak of, so if anyone knows where I can buy one of those that'd be amazing :D

Anything else just ask.