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I haven't been on here in ages, more like years 0.0 I promise to try to do some kind of writing sometime soon.

A lot has gone on in the past year, to include but not limited to, getting a great job, getting laid off from said great job due to mysterious and yet untold circumstances (my work was apparently top notch but for some reason I still got laid off...) and trying to survive unemployment. Job market is tough out there. You'd think that a veteran would get hired in a heart beat with the qualifications I have but not so much. McDonald's even turned me down...blah.

On a plus note AVENGERS!!! *POSSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT* Fanservice. Thank you Joss Whedon for making my comic book movie dreams come true. I don't care what critics say, this was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.

First off....Tony many scenes that I enjoyed...I'd end up listing the whole movie....
Captain America- Didn't particularly like him in the comics or his movie, but he had some great scenes in this.
Thor- Iron Man vs. Thor??? Epic!!!
Hulk- new actor, new respect for the character. Bruce Banner in this? Awesome!!
Black Widow-Epic fight scenes, loved her whole manipulation with Loki
Hawkeye- Loved how they brought a underused character out and made him shine

Pepper and Tony scene? LOVED IT!

There is probably soooo much more I am forgetting but considering I'm typing away at LJ and reading fanfiction instead of doing my physics homework its kinda understandable.
Kinda hard to read anything concerning gamma rays and not get side tracked. That's my story and I'm stickin to it Professor :D

Writer's Block: Play Catch
If your pet had thumbs, what would it do?
My pet Jack is a sugar glider and he has thumbs. His favorite trick is to figure out a way out of his cage and hop around the house at 3 AM -.-

Laissez les bon temps roulez!!
Hope everyone has fun if they're doing anything for the Mardi Gras season. I'm missing New Orleans something aweful right now but at least over here in Germany they have Fasching, almost the same thing minus the beads.

So for any of ya'll out there going to a Mardi Gras parade, catch some beads and eat some king cake for me :)

Might be kinda scarce ya'll
So I just moved into my new apartment here, which is great except I won't have internet til 4th of March -.-   I swear I begged the lady for it sooner but no go.

New apartment is awesome for the most part.  Couple of quirks to work out, like my heat.  Weather has been kind of strange lately.  Sort of warm in the day, freezing at night.  My heat is electric and it's kind of slow to respond, so I end up waking up at 3 AM freezing to death.   Maybe I'm a wuss but 30 degrees is cold to me.  Definately taking some time to adjust to Germany again.   This winter's been crazy anyway.  Tons of snow and all that.  Not used to that anymore.  To quote one of my favorite X-Men "We don't get much snow in the bayou".   Louisiana killed my tolerance for the cold.

Oh, and my shower...I get 35 second bursts of hot water...then it goes to freezing for about 10 seconds.  Its great, landlord is working on that issue.  My son thinks its hilarious but me?  not so much.

Other than that?  I love it.

Anyway, off to work.  I'll be here as much as I can but until then I will be writing to pass the time.  Expect some fanfiction when I get back.


Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Whether you've got that special someone or your all alone Happy Valentine's Day anyway.  Go buy lots of chocolate, makes everything wonderful.

If I could find a guy that I didn't scare away with my wonderful personality, I'd totally ask him to be my Valentine :D  lol   Til then, I've got chocolate ;p


Title: Blame it on the Mistletoe

Author: geniusinmotion

Rating: PG

Length:  300ish maybe?  to lazy to count

Summary:Pepperony200 theme challenge story for your Christmas enjoyment. The Stark Industries Holiday Gala is in full swing. Can Pepper help Tony through his holiday blues?

A very Happy Holiday season to everyone out there! 



Tony Stark sat at the bar sipping his scotch on the rocks. His fifth one to be exact. Being the owner of Stark Industries demanded that he be present at the gala, but nothing said that he had to be coherent.

Christmas wasn't his favorite time of year to say the least. He didn't mind the commercialism of it. The music, the fake Santas at the malls, the food, none of that bothered him, in fact he appreciated that aspect of it. It was the feeling of loneliness,at a time when families usually came together, that really got him. He, Tony Stark, playboy billionaire with everything, really realized how little he truely had around the holidays.

He could remember holidays spent with his family, however small it had been, filled with love, good food, the smell of cookies baking and pine in the air from the Christmas tree. All of that though, family, had been taken away almost twenty years ago on an icy December night, just a few days shy of Christmas. The season had never been the same for Tony. While he didn't fall to pieces when December rolled around, the empty feeling still hit him.

Tony was so concentrated on his scotch glass and his own thoughts he didn't even hear the familar click of stilettos on the polished marble floors. "Looking for signs in scotch Mr. Stark? I thought only tea leaves worked."

Tony turned to see Pepper standing there, looking stunning in the deep burgundy evening gown. Her hair was up but it curled around her face.

"Scotch can be very enlightening, I'll have you know." he managed to stutter out as a comeback.

Pepper seemed to be holding back a smile. "I can see that. I makes you so eloquent after 5 or 6 of them."

Tony shrugged, noting the slight disapproval in her voice. He glanced towards the open balcony doors and nodded in the direction. As he made his way outside into the cool December air, he heard the comforting sound of Pepper's heels behind him. It was a great deal quieter outside, but the sounds from the band still made its way out onto the large balcony.

"Dance with me?" Tony asked. Pepper hesitated, and Tony quickly added, "Everyone isn't watching this time."

"As long as you don't plan on disappearing again." Pepper joked, stepping forward to place her arms around his neck. This time dancing with him wasn't so formal and traditional. It was more like dancing at prom with your date.

"I'll do my best." Tony chuckled, wrapping his arms around her waist. They swayed to the music in silence for a few minutes before Pepper sighed.

"Tony, what's wrong? And before you say nothing, the misery is coming off of you in waves."

Tony was surprised, he'd thought he'd hidden it pretty well behind his usual persona and the scotch. It was starting to dull the feelings but leave it to Pepper to catch on.

"The season I guess. I just feel empty. I don't have anyone you know. It'll pass. Always does." He stated, pulling away and walking over to the balcony's edge to look out at the view. Los Angeles stretched out as far as he could see and somehow that made him feel even emptier.

He felt a small hand touch his shoulder. "I know the feeling. Ever since my mom passed away Christmas isn't the same. That was 10 years ago, if you remember, the only time I've ever asked for leave." Pepper admitted. "You have me though Tony. You know that..."

Tony glanced at Pepper surprised, "You've been pushing me away Pepper, for months. I took the hint and left you alone, you know. Everything was great for a little while and didn't want to move in, you didn't want to change anything from the way its always been."

Pepper glanced away, wondering how the conversation had suddenly shifted to change the spotlight to her.

"I was scared." She said quietly walking to join Tony at the balcony's edge. "I was scared if we took the next step that I'd wake up and none of it would be real. Or, that something would go wrong and I'd lose you forever. I said it before, you're all I have." She finished, taking a deep breath to maintain her composure.

Tony took her hand looking at her, "You aren't gonnna lose me you know. No matter what." he insisted.

"How do you know?"

"I'm a genius you know. My math is never wrong and I'm sure that there is a 100% probability that we're meant to be." he said with a ghost of his usual cocky smile.

Pepper couldn't help but laugh. "When you put it that way that makes perfect sense." she said sarcastically. "Has that line ever really worked?"

Tony shrugged. "Never tried it before. But I'm sure if you're not interested..."

"You are impossible." Pepper said, taking a step closer and kissing him.

The kiss started gentle but that didn't last long. Pepper wasn't sure how long they stood there kissing when she heard someone clear their throat.

"Seems like everytime I walk up you two are making out." Rhodey laughed. "You're just supposed to share a kiss under the mistletoe, not all that." He stood in the doorway, looking very amused, pointing up.

Tony was about to say something scalding in reply when he glanced up and sure enough, there were sprigs of mistletoe hung from the rafters overhead.

"What can I say, I'm Tony Stark. I never do anything half-assed. Let's get out of here Pep. Merry Christmas Platypus." Tony replied, taking Pepper's hand and leading her toward the door.

"Merry Christmas. You too Pepper. Take care of him. It's nice to see him enjoying Christmas for once."

"Merry Christmas Rhodey."

Pepper smiled, realizing that however wonderful it was that Tony seemed happy, she realized that she herself was enjoying Christmas and the possibilities for the first time in years.


Theme 149-Ghost

Title: The Haunting of Stark Industries

Author: geniusinmotion

Theme: 149-Ghost

Rating: PG


Summary: Written for the Pepperony200 challenge. Quote from the book "Gates of Fire" as in my previous stories. A break in leaves Stark Industries puzzled and in chaos. Not quite as hokey as the title sounds. Its well past midnight here and lots of caffeine and little sleep makes you loopy :D   I SO should be doing homework right now but I'm not  -.-

Disclaimer: I don't own Iron Man, nor do I own Marvel. If I did, I would totally build my own Iron Man armor because that would be awesome. All spelling errors are mine however. Please ignore them.


Pg. 40 "What was their intention?"

Stark Industries had seen better days. Chaos might have been an understatement for the morning Tony Stark had been having. A middle of the night phone call had informed him of the situation and they were still not really sure what had happened.

Certain areas of the building looked as if a tornado had gone through them, a very selective tornado. Whoever had done this knew exactly what to do to disrupt operations for a while.

The virus to most of the computer systems had been a nice touch, Tony thought wryly as he rebooted the servers remotely from his office. As had the trashing of said office. He was lucky his desk and chair were still in one piece.

"I have no idea who did this but I just spoke with the police, the FBI, and security." Pepper stated, breezing through the door. "There are no signs of unauthorized entry, no signs of entry at all last night, no camera images, nobody saw anything. Security said they heard the noise but saw no one. One of the guys says he saw some stuff moving by itself. It doesn't make any sense." She ranted, glancing around at the paperwork scattered all over, the shattered TV screen.

"Sounds like we've got a ghost. Know any good exorcists? Or maybe we can call that ghost hunters show?" Tony asked, as he started the computer, watching lines of code scroll across the screen in safe mode.

"Be serious will you? Research and Development is a wreck. So are accounting and Admin." Pepper sighed. "What was the whole point of this? How'd they even get in?"

Tony was about to answer when a line appeared in the code that shouldn't have been there. A message.

He pointed to the screen. "Guess he was upset that I decided to help the boy band out."

Pepper blinked at him, wondering not for the first time if she hadn't had enough coffee this morning. "Boy band?" she asked, reading the message he indicated. "Nevermind...You need to call SHIELD right away."

"Great minds think alike." Tony smiled, reaching for the phone. He pointed at the screen again, at the name after the message. "Guess Casper really can walk through walls. How unimaginative is that name?"

Pepper shook her head, "Accurate. How is that possible though?"

Tony shrugged, as he waited for the phone to connect.

"Hey Fury, Tony here. Ever heard of a guy named Ghost?"


Theme 133-Twenty

Title: The Bet


Theme: 133-Twenty

Rating: PG-13 to be safe. This rating stuff confuses me.

Length: 841

Summary: Written for the Pepperony200 Theme challenge. As per my two previous posts, quote at the beginning is from "Gates of Fire." A friendly bet between geniuses.  Post IM2.

Disclaimer: I don't own Iron Man, nor do I own Marvel. If I did, I would totally build my own Iron Man armor because that would be awesome. All spelling errors are mine however. Please ignore them.

Pg. 30 "Five! One would have saved us!"

"You assumed that you didn't have any when I simply stated that there were no electrolytic capacitors." Jarvis stated in his usual tone, though there was an undeniable edge of exasperation. "My programming does not allow me to read your mind, sir."

Pepper listened to the conversation with amusement. Times like this made it hard to believe that Jarvis was just a computer program, especially when he seemed to be outsmarting his creator.

"I almost had to redesign the whole damn thing because you said we didn't have any. We do. They are right here in this box. Color-coded even. I'm on a time crunch here, Jarvis." Tony continued ranting.

"I stated you did not have any of the electrolytic type. The ceramic capacitors are indeed in the box you specified. As for the design, might I recommend a slight redesign, considering the schematics you drew up were done under the premise that you would have electrolytic capacitors. The values-"

"Spare me the electronic components 101 lecture here, Jarvis. MIT remember?" Tony cut him off, spilling out a number of the components in question and glancing over what looked like a sketch of something. Bits of circuit board and an assortment of wires and components lay scattered on his workspace. Half a dozen sheets of notebook paper, a few pens and one of his many laptops were in front of him. Tony himself looked frazzled and frustrated.

"You look like you could use a break." Pepper called out, walking across the workshop. Tony jumped, confirming her suspicion that he'd been to wrapped up in his project to notice her walk in, stilettos and all. She handed him a cup of coffee, which he accepted gratefully.

"What are you doing anyway?" Pepper asked, trying to make sense of all the items laying around.

"Upgrading my phone." Tony answered tiredly, running a hand through his hair. The shirt he was wearing, on of his tank tops he tended to wear in the workshop, looked a whole lot like the one he'd been wearing yesterday, judging from the pattern of grease stains. He looked like he hadn't even slept, which Pepper thought was entirely possible. She had fallen asleep on the couch the night before.

"Looks like you're building it from scratch. Didn't you just upgrade it?" Pepper pointed out.

"He feels the need to do so again at the expense of his health, I'm afraid. I suppose he things a bet and his ego are far more important than food and sleep." Jarvis informed her, knowing Pepper would step in and make him see reason.

"Thanks traitor. Just remember I can reprogram you." Tony muttered, knowing the threat was empty.

Pepper raised an eyebrow, "Bet?"

Tony sighed, knowing he was probably going to get a lecture on this one. "Reed called yesterday. Avengers stuff. Started talking about something and phones came up. He bet me twenty that his phone is the most advanced ever. Of course he's delusional and I'll prove that Friday during the meeting. Besides, I wanted to add a couple bells and whistles to it anyway."

Pepper stared at him for a moment, trying to figure out if he was serious and exactly what to say to him. "Twenty? As in twenty thousand dollars?"

Tony nodded absently, drinking down the rest of his coffee.

Pepper glanced at the clock. "How long do you think this will take you?"

Tony shrugged, "Five, six hours maybe. Considering the design snafu."

"Good, that means you have time to come upstairs with me, eat something and get a few hours of sleep."

Tony looked as if he was going to protest for a minute and Pepper shook her head, stepped closer and kissed him. He relaxed instantly, pulling her closer.

Tonys hands trailed down her body, coming to rest first on her hips, then lower to her ass.

Pepper grabbed his hands and pulled away. "Later, maybe. If you eat something and get at least a few hours of sleep."

"You really don't play fair. At all." He complained.

Pepper smiled and pointed towards the stairs. "I'm just trying to make sure you survive so you can embarrass Reed Richards. That's all. How do you plan to do it?"

"I have no doubt my phone is better, but you know me. I always have an ace up my sleeve. I made it so that I can shut anyone's phone off with a touch of a button from mine.  Makes it think the battery is dead.  Untraceable.  Might come in handy someday." Tony stated, with a smirk.

Pepper shook her head. "SHIELD better be happy that you are on their side. You'd make a scary evil genius. By the way after you win the bet, you are spending some of that twenty thousand on me."

Tony chuckled as they reached the kitchen. "Am I?"

"Of course. Considering all the schedule shuffling I have to do, I think it's not too much to ask. And it makes me feel better for not lecturing you on how stupid you can be sometimes."


Theme 196-Camping
Title:  Camping  (clever right?  -.-)
Author:  geniusinmotion 
Theme:  196-Camping
Rating:  PG
Summary:  Drabble #2 using a quote from the book Gates of Fire  Tony and Pepper do a little camping in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona.

Page 20:  "The rich smells of spitted meat floated over everything."

"Why are we here again?"  Tony asked for probably the hundredth time, as he held up his cell phone.  He'd never really realized that negative reception was possible before now.  The bars seemed to be flickering between not-a-snowball's-chance-in-hell and better-hope-you-don't-have-to-make-an-emergency-call.

Pepper gave him a tolerant little smile, before snatching the phone away and putting it in her bag. 

"Because,"  she stated over his protests, "you need to get out of that lair of your's from time to time and I needed a break too.  Long weekends are made for these kind of trips.  It's beautiful out here.  Very relaxing."  She moved a little closer to the fire, to ward off the chill of the desert night and watched the flames flicker.

"It's not a lair,"  Tony protested.  "It's a highly civilized workshop."

Pepper shook her head.  "That's just your cover story.  It's no different than any other guy's man cave.  Maybe a few more gadgets but it still smells like booze and gym socks.  It'd smell even worse if I didn't come clear the plates and soda cans out every."

"Motor oil.  Can't forget that smell."  Tony muttered.  "I just don't see the point in coming all the way out here to the desert.  If you were all set on the desert, we could have gone to Vegas or something.  I mean there is nothing out here.  If the cold doesn't get us first, the coyotes and vultures will."  He grumbled.

Tony looked around at the Tonto National Forest in the fading light.  He had to admit that it was different.  Forest was a bit of a stretch.  Giant cactus and shrubs did not, in his opinion, a forest make.  He realized though, the reason Pepper had picked it was because of the lack of civilization.  No cellphones, no electricity, the nearest town, if one could call a General Store and a couple houses that, was 20 miles away.

"The point was to spend some time together."  Pepper stated, shaking out a sleeping bag and securing the mosquito netting on the tent.  "You can either contemplate the probability of encountering the local wildlife, or you can come keep me warm."  she said with a shrug, a small smile gracing her features as she crawled into the sleeping bag.

Tony didn't hesitate.  "Maybe I can get used to the camping thing."


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